My Vanity Kit

They say that first impression is the last impression. And thought it’s not always fair to judge things on the first impression, we all do the same. We all make impulse judgments.

So first step in sending the right message across to the other person(mostly the client) is to have a very, very clean vanity kit. And that is what I try to maintain. Before doing any client, I get my vanity kit in order and clean and dry the brushes. No body likes a smudgy, bad, dusty make-up kit. The first reaction of the client should be that of wonder and not that of disgust looking at a smudgy vanity kit. And clean apparatus speaks a lot about you.

Also, I believe that we should all treat our skin with utmost care. You know what a general barometer of a person’s health is? Yes, his/her skin.

Hence, I use only the best quality products and only the best brands. It sure costs me a lot more, but I have certain ground rules and I don’t want to make any compromises there.

Hers is what I use:




Make Up For Ever



So yes, basically only the best brands around.

lipsticks-2.jpg    free-stuff-mac-pro-cosmetics1.jpg

P.S. Image courtesy: Google


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