Soni Kudi :)

Oye Balle Balle Oye Shava Shava…………..

Meet Mahima…. My friend, the very beautiful, big eyed Punjabi girl, with the dark long lashes and a gorgeous smile. Dressing her for a Sangeet was a very exciting job. Doesnt she look Lovely?

Soni kudi         Mahima    Soni Kudi


Gujarati Bride

Meet Kiran, my cousin co-sister.
I wanted to dress her up for her wedding, but unfortunately couldn’t as I was dressing up 3 other people that day.

A month later, I requested her to let me dress her up as a bride once again. And a darling that she is, she readily obliged. Isn’t she looking gorgeous?

And just look at the flowered veil

At the end, she said she wished I would have done her Make up for her real wedding. That was the biggest compliment for me and it really boosted my confidence

My first bride for Sangeet

My Sister-in-law, Zinal Bhadra, my very first bride

My Sister-in-law, Zinal Bhadra, my very first bride

Meet Zinal, my darling sister-in-law.

She was someone who used to freak out by the word make-up. She was someone who rarely wore anything more than kajal and lip gloss.

Doing her make up was such a big challenge. It was her big day, a big day for all of us in the family.

I didn’t want to do anything that would upset her, make her nervous or uncomfortable about her Make-Up. She was fussy about Make-up, always asking me, “Do you think it is looking a lot?”
But that day, I was able to pull this one perfectly, she was soooo happy with the final look, that she hugged me and said, “You are the best.”

Coming that from someone as fussy as Zinal meant a world to me. It was very important to get it right, as it was my first time.