Hi, I am Aarti

Since a very young age, I was crazy about make-up. Every time we had to go out, I used to watch my mamma getting ready with fascination and my mouth hanging half open at the awesomeness that make up was; I used to watch her wearing her lipstick, her mascara, finely lining her eyes with dark black kohl and brushing her cheekbones with a delicate shade of pink, making them look high and accentuating them. And I used to be completely mesmerized by how just a little make up done correctly can go a long way in taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. Yes, my mom was beautiful even without make-up, but I have grown up seeing her turn in to diva with that little make-up.

“Aarti, no make-up for you till you are 15 years old,” admonished my mom, when she found me sneakily opening her vanity kit and trying various things on my baby face.

I remember how I used to be plonked on a chair in front of our mirror, whenever my parents were away, and doll my self up with various things; and in my excitement I used to be totally oblivious of how many minutes melted into hours.

During my college, I used to save money all throughout the year to buy that one M.A.C. lipstick that i was lusting after. I used to go crazy thinking things that make-up can do.

I think somewhere that early on in life, I had decided what I wanted to be when I grew up – Make-up Artisit.

This didn’t come easily to me. I had a lot of people discouraging me. 

“No, this is not really a career.”

“This is not what girls belonging to good families do.”

“You should first complete your studies.”

“Now that you have completed your graduation, complete your post graduation.”

“It is not a safe Industry to work in.”

“Get a job, get some work experience in real life first.”

Yes, yes, i have had all of those objections thrown at me a lot of times, many a times from my friends who didn’t take me or my passion seriously, and sometimes even from my family, who thought that this was just a new obsession, or a passing fad.

And here I am, living my dream. Finally. After passing through all of the above stages successfully and finally winning full support of my family to help me pursue this.

My Guru

I have learnt professional make-up from a very famous Bollywood make-up Artist, Jaywant Thackre, of Devdas (Make-up of Madhuri) and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Kareena’s Make-up) fame. I am grateful and thankful to him for being such a wonderful teacher. Now when I look back, i can’t imagine learning anywhere else. How much homework i did before deciding where i should learn make-up, only I know. I wanted to learn with the best.

The best thing about learning from Jaywant Sir was that he practices exactly what he teaches. His method and style will totally reflect in his students’ styles.

Thank You Sir for  being such a wonderful teacher!


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