Print Shoot

Khushi d Diva ( She calls herself), i find it wowwww………

This was a new experience to work with one of the client from Pharmaceutical industry. i was doing a print shoot with them, and there i met this pretty girl name Khushi.

She is an Amazing model with a lot Confidence, Right attitude, Hard working, Beautiful and above all, she is very grounded and friendly. How can i forget, she is an extremely talented Anchor too… She has worked for Cineyug Entertainment for four consecutive years.

Hey Khushi!!! It was an overwhelming experience to work with you.


Khushi  Khushi


Soni Kudi :)

Oye Balle Balle Oye Shava Shava…………..

Meet Mahima…. My friend, the very beautiful, big eyed Punjabi girl, with the dark long lashes and a gorgeous smile. Dressing her for a Sangeet was a very exciting job. Doesnt she look Lovely?

Soni kudi         Mahima    Soni Kudi

Aanoushkaa and Aashoiyee :)

Hey Guys!!!

It’s been quite some days, I have not put up my work, as was very busy shooting for this Amazing brand “Tiny Girl”.

Look at these two pretty girls, I call them “princess”, aren’t they???

It was a pleasure dressing up these two identical twins name “Anoushkaa and  Aashoiyee”.

They have a flawless skin to work on and if u observe closely, the colour “Blue” is so perfectly accentuating their eyes.

Aanoushkaa                        Aashoiyee         Aanoushkaa & Aashoiyee

Red Lips – A classic

This is very much in vogue right now, dark red lips and just winged eye liner.
And oh my, it looks so elegant.

Wear this kind of look for any evening or day time party and you are sure to make heads turn.

Deepika Padukone is seen carrying this look quite often.

P.S. Notice how I have omitted the kohl.